Nowadays the small-volume technology of vegetables cultivation is widespread.
Its peculiarity is that plants grow not on beds, but in sacks or mats with a substrate. Process of cultivation of plants is completely computerized. By preparation of nutritious mix for plants watering the computer program controls content of mineral additives within admissible regulations.
Application of this technology not only allows saving means of your factory at the expense of the lowered consumption of water, heat and fertilizers, but also protects plants from wreckers, and also improves ecology, at the expense of a controlled drainage drain, lack of chemical disinfection of soil.
This technology allows your entity to grow up vegetables of the class "Premium" (the highest quality category and ecological compatibility).

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For vegetable cultures cultivation on small-volume technology Veltorf Ltd offers not only standard recipes, but also individual orders.

Main components of substrate "VELTORF"

As neutralized material in the soil mixed with peat of Veltorf Ltd organic limestone powder of the local Novoizborsky field of the Pskov region is mainly used. This sweeten material effectively regulates acidity peat mixture (рН = 4-7) and fill them with calcium and magnesium. In certain cases, considering wishes of customers, for neutralization of excess acidity of basic peat dolomite powder is used. In many types of soil the perlite additive promoting increase in porosity, a moisture capacity and air permeability is used. Besides, having good sorption properties, perlite promotes saving the main agrochemical characteristics of soil.
Special attention should be paid to the complex mineral PG-Mix fertilizer used by Veltorf Ltd. This modern, effective fertilizer contains the balanced quantity of the water-soluble NPK forms and minerals. The micro granulated form allows achieving uniform distribution of nutritious elements on all amount of a peat substrate. High content of water-soluble phosphorus (95%) provides high extent of assimilation of a nutritious element with plants. Besides, PG-Mix is characterized by low content of nitrate nitrogen that certainly favorably influences quality of the received crop products.
Osmocote - the prolonged action fertilizer provides uniform distribution of nutrients in an optimum proportion for growth of plants. Osmocote feeds plants and when it is impossible to humidify (a colder season, intensive rainfall). Plants grow quicker, regularly, have good appearances because doesn't threaten very high or very low level of nutrients, as when using traditional fertilizers. The moistening reagent gives the chance to repeatedly humidify a substrate if it dried. The moistening reagent not only guarantees the improved speed of moistening and bigger amount of the absorbed water, but also that fact that during a dormant period of plants growth or in dark season substrate’s drainage actually improves and slightly the amount of water decreases in the substrate.

Packaging and transportation

maloobiem.jpg maloobiem_1.jpgStandard packing of peat substrate for small-volume technology is 26 liters polyethylene packaging.
Packaging is a double-emulsion black-and-white film.
. Use of light stabilizing packaging provides resistance to ultraviolet.
The package size with a soil: 1050х265х55 mm (length x width x height). Packages are fixed with a stretch film on pallets in number from 100 to 120 pieces.