Peat substrate - 7гпо/3 Used for a flowers cultivation and ornamental plants in pots with a diameter from 12 cm and more: begonias, dragon trees, tulips, ficuses, palm trees, rodokhiton, freesias, geraniums. Qualitative characteristics of the mixture: Milled peat - 25%, Spade-cut peat - 55%, Sand - 10%, Clay - 10%, рН 5,5-6,5 Fraction: 15-40 mm
Detailed information


As neutralized material in the soil mixed with peat of Veltorf Ltd organic limestone powder of the local Novoizborsky field of the Pskov region is mainly used. This sweeten material effectively regulates acidity peat mixture (рН = 4-7) and fill them with calcium and magnesium. In certain cases, considering wishes of customers, for neutralization of excess acidity of basic peat dolomite powder is used.
In many types of soil the perlite additive promoting increase in porosity, a moisture capacity and air permeability is used. Besides, having good sorption properties, perlite promotes saving the main agrochemical characteristics of soil.
Special attention should be paid to the complex mineral PG-Mix fertilizer used by Veltorf Ltd. This modern, effective fertilizer contains the balanced quantity of the water-soluble NPK forms and minerals. The micro granulated form allows achieving uniform distribution of nutritious elements on all amount of a peat substrate. High content of water-soluble phosphorus (95%) provides high extent of assimilation of a nutritious element with plants. Besides, PG-Mix is characterized by low content of nitrate nitrogen that certainly favorably influences quality of the received crop products.
Osmocote - the prolonged action fertilizer provides uniform distribution of nutrients in an optimum proportion for growth of plants. Osmocote feeds plants and when it is impossible to humidify (a colder season, intensive rainfall). Plants grow quicker, regularly, have good appearances because doesn't threaten very high or very low level of nutrients, as when using traditional fertilizers.
The moistening reagent gives the chance to repeatedly humidify a substrate if it dried. The moistening reagent not only guarantees the improved speed of moistening and bigger amount of the absorbed water, but also that fact that during a dormant period of plants growth or in dark season substrate’s drainage actually improves and slightly the amount of water decreases in the substrate.

Peat substrates are packed with coefficient of compression 2, 1 at the packaging line. At further uses of substrate you have to fluff it up. Recommendation for peat substrate fluffing.


Our packing bags for a substrate are made from multilayered polyethylene film. The inside layer from a black film protects a substrate from sunlight’s harmful effects. In the absence of such protection under the influence of light mosses and green micro seaweed which connect nutrients develop in an expedited manner and accelerate decomposition of a substratum in a damp substrate.
At the straight summer light the substrate heats up to high temperature in a bag. At a temperature above 70° C the phytotoxic substances are especially harmful to seedlings and young plants can be formed. Ultraviolet rays reduce durability of a film and discolour paints at long influence.
For an air outlet and rupture’s prevention of a film there are holes in bags, but through them water can get in a bag. At long storage in the rain or in case of water-flood, a substrate can strongly become wet. In this case decomposition accelerates, the mold is developing, and substrate is getting sour.
At long storage рН can change a little because of humic acids reaction with large particles of chalk or dolomite. The term of agrotechnical suitability isn't limited. It means that after verification of agrotechnical characteristics the substrate can be used for designated purpose even after 3 and 5 years. If you aren't sure of quality, use an overdue bag of a substrate for less exacting plants.


Normal packaging of peat substrate - 
Polyethylene packages by volume 
3 / 4, 5 / 5, 2 cubic meters on a pallet.

In eurotrucks (20 t) is established:

  • 26 pallet(3 м³ / 3000 L),
  • 20-22 pallet(4,5 м³ / 4500 L),
  • 20 pallet(5,2 м³ / 5200 L)