In modern crop production, the greatest difficulty is the choice of soil suitable for quality and price. The main difficulty is due to several factors: firstly, the environmental safety of the proposed soil; secondly, the compliance of the manufacturer's agrochemical indicators with the real content of the necessary nutrients for plants; thirdly, a wide range of soils in a fairly wide price range .; fourthly, the ability of an enterprise producing soils to respond to individual needs of customers in terms of changing the qualitative and quantitative composition of artificial mixtures; fifthly, the volume of packaging.

In our opinion, when choosing a high-quality soil, it is necessary to pay special attention to the component composition of artificial mixtures and be sure to familiarize yourself in detail with all the products of the enterprise where you have turned your attention.

Today we will introduce you to the products of the modern, actively developing peat enterprise LLC Veltorf, the largest producer of peat soils in the North-West of Russia for the professional and amateur markets of this type of product.

The main component of all peat mixtures produced by this enterprise is environmentally friendly and safe horse peat of the Galsky Moss deposit in the Velikoluksky district of the Pskov region. It is a high-quality horse peat that does not contain weed seeds, pathogenic microflora, pests and does not require sterilization. In addition, there are no industrial pollution, radionuclides, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides in the extracted peat. This is an absolute advantage of this peat for use as the main component of peat mixtures, allowing peat to be used without limiting application rates.

Environmentally friendly limestone flour of the local Novoizborsk deposit in the Pskov region is mainly used as a neutralizing material in peat soils of Veltorf LLC. This liming material effectively regulates the acidity of peat mixtures (pH = 4-7) and saturates them with calcium and magnesium. In some cases, taking into account the wishes of customers, dolomite flour is used to neutralize the excess acidity of base peat.

In many types of soils, perlite is used to increase porosity, moisture capacity and air permeability. In addition, having good sorption properties, perlite helps to maintain the basic agrochemical characteristics of soils.

Everyone knows that the presence of all the necessary nutrient macro- and microelements in the soil is the key to obtaining quality crop products. And here I would like to pay special attention to the PG-Mix complex mineral fertilizer used by Veltorf LLC. This modern, effective fertilizer contains a balanced amount of water-soluble forms of NPK and trace elements. The micro-granular form allows to achieve a uniform distribution of nutrients throughout the volume of peat substratum. The high content of water-soluble phosphorus (95%) provides a high degree of nutrient uptake by plants. In addition, PG-Mix is ​​characterized by a low content of nitrate nitrogen, which certainly favorably affects the quality of crop products. And finally, it should be noted that PG-Mix is ​​a fertilizer, the quality and safety of which in peat mixtures are confirmed by international certificates of compliance.

Veltorf LLC produces peat soils both for the professional market of substrates for growing plants, and for amateur. In this case, the recipe and type of soil packing is determined by the individual needs of the customer, according to his wishes. The chemical laboratory of the enterprise constantly monitors and controls the quality of incoming raw materials and products. All products of the company have passed voluntary certification and strictly comply with the approved and tested recipes for the preparation of peat mixtures of VNIITP Testing Laboratory of Peat and its Processing Products OJSC (St. Petersburg). In addition, I would especially like to note the desire of the enterprise management to confirm and improve the quality of the produced peat products, conducting research work in conjunction with the staff of the Department of Chemistry, Agricultural Chemistry and Agroecology, Velikiye Luki State Agricultural Academy.

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