This week, March 25, employees of the commercial department of Veltorf LLC took part in training on products of ICC Special Fertilizers. The training was conducted by company representative Sheiko Ivan - an agronomist. He acquainted our managers with the range of products, as well as with new products that are being prepared for certification for sale in the Russian Federation.

During the training, an employee of the company spoke about the types of Osmocote fertilizer:

The principles of operation of granules
The composition of the granules
Osmocote Views
Expiration dates
Reference. Today, ICL Specialty Fertilizers is a company that produces Specialty Fertilizers and meets the full range of growing needs in agriculture, horticulture and lawn fields.

Osmocote fertilizer is a unique product created by a unique technology, as the fertilizer granules are located inside the resin shell.

Osmokot - fertilizers in the shell containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as trace elements. All substances are directly inside the granule, and not in the shell!

The Osmokot fertilizer contains several essential elements necessary for healthy plant life:

Nitrogen. Allows you to make the stalk of the plant strong, affects the formation of shoots. With a lack of nitrogen in the cells of the plant, a rich crop can certainly not be expected.
Potassium. Accelerates photosynthesis, saturates cells with oxygen. Potassium enhances the plant's immunity, which allows it to better resist disease.
Phosphorus. Directly affects plant DNA and RNA, increases resistance to frost and drought.
Magnesium. Correctly forms the root system of the plant, increases productivity and their taste.
For convenience, the manufacturer designated each type of Osmokot fertilizer with a specific color. Do not forget that the effect of granules is calculated directly on the soil temperature of 21 ° C. With increasing ambient temperature, the effect of granules decreases in time.

Especially for the convenience of customers, fertilizer manufacturers have created several varieties of Osmokot.

Osmocote Bloom fertilizer is considered the shortest in its effect. Granules supply the plant with the necessary elements for 2-3 months. Designed specifically for flower beds (petunia, geranium).
Fertilizer "Osmocote Pro" refers to fertilizer of the second generation and can last for 3 to 14 months.
Fertilizer "Osmokot Exact Standard" refers to the most reliable and proven form, it is a third-generation fertilizer with a similar duration of action. Osmokot Exact Standard is a classic version that has a balanced composition of trace elements in the shell, is the safest. This type of fertilizer has an action of 3 to 14. Suitable for all ornamental gardening crops.
Osmokot Exact High K fertilizer based on DCT, with a high potassium content, is specially designed to support the growth of compact plants and use in situations with a high nitrogen content in irrigation water. This type of fertilizer demonstrates high efficiency and maximum productivity. DCT optimizes nutrient release to meet plant needs (5-6, 8-9, 12-14).
Osmokot Exact Protect fertilizer is suitable for autumn and winter planting in pots, is based on the technology of double coating of granules and is designed for container crops. Designed for use from mid-October to mid-January (5-6, 8-9, 12-14).
Osmokot Exact Hi.End fertilizer is a programmed release of substances for plant nutrition. A quarter of the granules (40% in Osmokot Exact High End, 12-14 months) Osmokot Exact High End have a double coating, which prevents the release of nutrients in the first months after application. This allows you to reduce the EU soil solution during the specified period compared with the use of the same amount of Osmokot Exact Standard. Osmokot Exact High End is ideal for plants that respond well to low levels of EC in the soil solution at the beginning of the growth cycle, and which need more nutrients in the second half of the growing season. Osmokot's Exact High End Programmed Nutrient Release is formulated to optimally meet plant needs during growth. This means nutrient intake just when plants need it. The release is partially delayed to a later period and precisely meets the needs of the plants.
Fertilizer of prolonged action "Osmokot" is used for:

normalization of the phytohormonal background of the plant;
replenishment of the supply of useful substances in case of their shortage;
boosting the plant’s immune system;
getting a rich crop of culture;
accelerate the growth of the stem and leaves;
improve survival of seedlings.
"Osmokot" is a fertilizer of prolonged action.

Osmokot fertilizers have five validity periods: 3-4, 5-6, 8-9, 12-14 and 16-18 months. Thus, for each situation and type of culture has its own Osmokot. The expiration date is indicated on the packaging using color coding.

Osmokot Exact and Osmokot Exact DCT also contain colored elements to facilitate identification. This ensures that you always fertilize the substrate with the correct expiration date!

Duration is determined by the ingredients and coating thickness. Durations in turn apply to average temperature

Other factors, such as salt content, substrate pH, microbiological activity, water quality and sediment do not affect the release of nutrients, making Osmokot the most reliable fertilizer in the shell.

Now our managers can advise customers and suggest fertilizer which line and what period of action it is desirable to use in the substrate to obtain the best result.

Note that the substrate with the addition of such fertilizer should be used after two weeks.


Osmokot fertilizer works only from t ° C

Compared with other types of long-acting fertilizers, the results of the Osmokot work are visible with time.

27 марта 2019

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