On May 17-18, employees of Veltorf LLC held 2 workshops in the Carousel TS (Moscow and Chekhov) on the topic “How to form flowerpots with petunia and achieve lush flowering throughout the season” in Karusel hypermarkets Moscow and Chekhov.

The chief agricultural technologist of LLC Veltorf Putilina L.A. showed and told shoppers about how to form a blooming ball of petunias using two forged flower pots with a coconut substrate, a plastic bottle, screeds, a plastic bag, agroperlite, Osmokot long-acting fertilizer and universal soil for flowers produced by Veltorf LLC .

Buyers learned how to properly prepare the soil for hanging flower pots, with what frequency to water and feed the sphere of flowers, how to do the pruning correctly. The chief agronomist technologist shared the secret of lush flowering of petunias: “Flowers in hanging flower pots are very responsive to fertilizing with humic fertilizers, organo-mineral fertilizer enriched with active humus from the Veltof-bio series Universal brand (liquid humic fertilizers) is ideal for this purpose. It can be added at each watering in a dose of 10-15 ml per 10 l of water. "

After the end of the master class, each buyer received as a gift soil and liquid humic fertilizers.

27 мая 2019

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