Following the advice and putting into practice workshops from Veltorf LLC, our customers grow peppers without a pick-up method.

“They do not experience stress, therefore, in mid-June, the fruits are already hanging and ripening,” writes T.I. Sitkova, a resident of the Great Onions. “When landing, I used universal soil produced by Veltorf LLC - I fall asleep in the landing hole. "All the necessary fertilizers for rooting are already in this soil, so I didn’t add anything else when planting."

“I also mulch everything with mowed grass, in June - humic top dressing. This weekend [June 15-16, approx. Weltorf] fed boric acid so that I would be overwhelmed with the crop))) ”- says Tamara Ivaanovna.

The VELTORF company wishes you easy and healthy harvests!

Photo courtesy of Sitkova T.I.

19 июня 2019

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