The movement “Own!” Talked with the general director of Veltorf Julia Abramova. She said the bearer of what idea is the Great Luka enterprise, which began its existence in 2007.

Winter is coming to an end. The summer season will begin very soon - a string of amateur gardeners will reach for seeds, soil and top dressing for future summer delicacies - cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetable and berry home products.

A growing number of people, realizing the importance of their own health, are trying to grow vegetables, berries and fruits on their site, because you can not always trust what is on the shelves of chain stores - “rubber” tomatoes and tasteless peppers grown “over the hill, the benefits and pleasures bring a little.

What is really grown vegetables and fruits that we buy, you can answer, having done a chemical examination, but do we have time for this?

To grow your crop is a rather labor-intensive business, and, of course, I want the work to pay off with good seedlings and a rich harvest. But, unfortunately, not all soil producers are responsible for the product they produce.

Fortunately, not all manufacturers think only of their own benefit, producing goods for profit. There are enterprises that pay attention, first of all, to the quality of the goods and the health of the buyer. One of such enterprises, LLC Veltorf, is located very close to us - in the city of Velikiye Luki.

The movement “Own!” Talked with the general director of Veltorf Julia Abramova. She said the bearer of what idea is the Great Luka enterprise, which began its existence in 2007.

“Not everyone knows what peat is and seldom think that in order to grow a good and healthy plant, it is necessary to use peat substrates. The philosophy of creating our enterprise was that we wanted to create a powerful stable production that would not only give jobs to citizens, but also take care of the health of citizens of our entire country, because now it is very difficult to find something grown on natural supplements and without GMOs . On the shelves of shops we see Turkish cucumbers and tomatoes grown on mineral wool, which is why vegetables lose their natural taste. The reason for the lack of quality is that many are now striving to “make money”, because it’s easier to get a cheap crop grown on artificial soils ”,
- said Julia Vladimirovna.

According to her, the mission of Veltorf consists in environmentally friendly crop production, because it is the guarantee of the health of present and future generations.

The company produces peat in the Velikoluksky district, and then, using the latest proven technologies, it produces ecologically clean fertile soil based on processed peat.

“We add the necessary elements to peat in order to create the necessary environment in it for growing vegetable, fruit and berry and flower crops. To implement the idea, we have assembled a team of like-minded and competent specialists who are perfectly able to use equipment and apply the necessary technology ”,
- shared Julia Abramova.

As the general director emphasized, Veltorf works in two directions: it produces soils for amateur gardeners and produces soils for the professional market - large agricultural complexes and plant nurseries.

Julia notes that in two areas the company produces high-quality products.

“When it comes to large volumes of planting, the“ price of error ”can be high, so we control the whole process - from collecting peat to delivery to the place of sale of the goods,”
- said the general director of the enterprise.

Despite the fact that the idea of ​​creating a plant arose in 2007, and it was launched in 2009 - 10 years ago, the company does not stop at the achieved competencies and is constantly developing.

For example, Veltorf is the first in Russia to add a wetting agent to peat. This is an additive that allows you to evenly distribute moisture when watering plants and prevents plants from drying out, which is very important.

As Julia notes, many amateur gardeners are in vain afraid of buying peat soils.

“There is a myth that fertile land should be“ black and greasy. ” We produce white peat soils, which sometimes worries buyers. But, in fact, such a soil has several advantages - the active distribution of moisture throughout the root system of the plant and the ability of the plant’s roots to “breathe”. Such soil is perfect for seedlings and will allow the plant to grow strong and healthy, ”Yulia Vladimirovna assured.

Julia told the Svoe! Movement that Veltorf is actively marketing its products in large chains such as OBI, Leroy Merlin, Auchan, Perekrestok and others. Amateur gardeners can meet the Veltorf brand in these and other chain stores. Veltorf offers customers to purchase both universal soils and soils in the directions - for seedlings, flower soils.

As for the professional market, the largest in Russia agro-industrial complex Moskovsky and many plant nurseries work with Veltorf.

As Julia Abramova herself admits, it is important for the enterprise to produce not a larger volume of products, but to give the consumer a quality product with which he will be satisfied.

“Own raw material base and a powerful plant will allow the company to work for decades,” said Yulia Vladimirovna.

Veltorf products were appreciated not only by satisfied customers. In 2018, Petersburg Quality Agency assessed the quality of soils and based on the results of their expertise, the Veltorf trademark is the only soil that the agency advised customers.

In addition, Veltorf is a member of the Association of Planting Material Producers. The Association’s work consists in close cooperation of producers, whose goal is to develop high-quality and environmentally friendly crop production in Russia.

Julia Abramova said that this year the company plans to deploy a garden center at the entrance to the plant, where summer residents can buy peat soils, plants and seedlings.

In this way, every great luchan will be able to grow his favorite vegetables, flowers and berries on high-quality soil.

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18 февраля 2019

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